Share the Adventure

Gatherers Of Life Experiences is a based on the simple idea that there is so much to do in the world and for people to enjoy the adventures they can find in life.  We are not a scapegoat for doing stupid things in life.  But, instead we are focusing on bringing a community of like minded travelers and adventurers to share their stories from traveling the world to traveling their hometown.
With the help of so many exciting technologies, people are able to come to discover new life experiences and ideas to try.  We are particularly focused in traveling that gets people outdoors.  Whether kayaking down a new river or hiking to the top of the trail.  We hope that you will join us in discovering and exploring all the excitement this world has to offer.
Are you into events like Warrior Dash?  We are, too.  Here is a group of us getting ready to get muddy.
Warrior Dash Starting Line
Or you enjoy hanging out and tubing through the river?  We do, too.
Traveling a river
Please share your best adventure pictures and videos with us.  Whether Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook.

Live The Adventure!!